Prob-Test, Inc. Opto-electronics Manufacturer

About Us

Since 1986, Prob-Test, Inc. (PTI) has provided cutting edge opto-electronics manufacturing services to the optics and sensors industry.  PTI’s focus is the fabrication and assembly of military, industrial, and mechanical components and systems, built to the highest standards of workmanship.  Our founder is a multiple Patent-holder for his ongoing expertise in the Design and Manufacturing of Opto-Electronics products.  They include Laser Diodes, Sensors, Circuit Boards, and Cable Harness Assemblies.

PTI’s Laser division focuses its product strategy on manufacturing infrared laser diode components for specialized applications.

We offer clients requiring outsourcing the ability to support low-volume, high mix product engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities.  Flexibility of production methods, such as hand soldering of components to automated production, allows us to provide prototypes or low volume production quantities.  PTI’s electronics expertise ranges from pulsed laser diodes to microcircuit production.  We also provide logistical and repair solutions in a low-volume, high mix marketplace.

Let our team of professionals work with you to develop specifications and product requirements, so we can start supplying your needs today.

“Since 1986, Prob-Test, Inc. (PTI) has provided cutting-edge opto-electronics manufacturing services for the optics and sensors industry, providing a dynamic and responsive approach to client design needs, with a focus on competitive cost-modeling and dependable quality.”

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