PTI-0660-3 Battery Pack, Rechargeable, Li-Ion


1. Nom. Voltage: 14.8V
2. Total Rated Capacity: 7800mAh
3. Over Current Circuit Protection: 10A (also available @15A or 20A OCCP)
4. Battery Check function
5. Replaceable Internal Battery Pack
6. Strap Handle for ease of inserting or removing battery from the pouch.
7. T6-6061 aluminum (aircraft alloy) enclosure housing
8. Ruggedized design (with oil/water resistance “Silicone” gaskets)
9. Class IP65 (watertight and resistance)
10. Temperature Range: Operating -20°C to 60°C, Storage -33°C to 70°C
11. This is an approved Li-ion battery and it is certified for GOV. UN38DOT3 (Report No. 102106229DET-001)


PTI-0674-01 Battery Replacement Unit


PTI-0665-3 Battery Charger (Single Station)


PTI-0667-3  Adapter, USB – Dual

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