Molded Cable Assemblies

From power to control, cabling comes in many varieties and serves numerous functions. In today’s manufacturing world, the wiring, insulation, and jacket themselves are highly engineered products. Cabling can be purchased from somewhere as simple as a single conductor or as intricate as hundreds of paired strands.

There is one characteristic common to all types of cables, and that is their main point of failure.

It is now more important to engineer strong, reliable and affordable cable connections with less focus on the ability to repair them. Whereas an assembled connector does protect the cabling by securing the connector plate and wire in a strain relief. The fact that it is a two part system means there is more risk of breakage in its use.

With the changes in technology and cable requirements, the molded cable assembly is being adopted more and more throughout industries. A molded assembly inserts a pre-fabricated connector and cable into a mold and injects the insulating protective material around it. This process fully encloses the wire/pin connections, integrating protection and strain relief into a single unit.

Fully molded covers can be made from a variety of plastics and rubbers to insure proper heat control, chemical and water resistance.



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